Can we remove all the 'Gondwana Rainforests' areas?

I’d like to remove (or hide or something) the areas titled “Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area” from OSM. They appear between Brisbane and Newcastle, and are a collection of National Parks that in 1986 the government decided were just so super special, that they needed a super special name to represent just how super special they were.

Anyway, their stupid big labels get in the way. Very annoyingly. The regions are almost 1-for-1 matches to either National Parks or protected State Forests, and I really believe their existence in OSM adds no value to map users.

Here’s some examples of them getting in the way:

The label for the area totally covers a hiking trail, making it impossible to follow:

Same deal here, and some weirdness in the top left corner:

More weirdness:

Is there any sort of precedent for deleting this sort of information?


I don’t think removing information is the right answer, rather fixing the map data and/or the rendering, but it seems to be a map data issue.

I think this is mainly due to a bug in the Mapnik rendering. Mapnik renders names for any ways that aren’t otherwise rendered. See

There are a few other examples of this making things look strange, eg public transport pay scale areas, see


I had a look and removed the name from the ways as the name was also in the relation. Couldn’t see a point having the name on the way as the way isn’t shared with anything else such as a road.