Can we "declippyfy" Discourse

I literally haven’t started typing anything in the body of this message and a “Your topic is similar to…” box appeared. It isn’t in any way helpful - its just listing previous topics with the word “discourse” in them, when in a Discourse forum category “This site feedback” is basically most of them.

How can we stop this from happening?

Other similar annoyances are “someone has already posted that link” (obviously they have, but if I’m discussing the contents of a link its more convenient to link to it again than say “the link that $person mentioned 3 days ago”).


I second both wishes. Especially, that “someone has already a posted a link to that site”-warning is kinda pointless if I’m referencing a different page on the OSM wiki :angry:

Heh, I guess it’s nudging us to choose better-differentiated subject lines. “Discourse” doesn’t need to be in the subject if it’s in this category. I think this feature would be pretty useful in the larger categories with longer histories (imported from the old forum), but not as useful in newer categories like this one. Maybe there’s a way to selectively disable it?

As an aside, GitHub trialed a similar feature a few years ago but nixed it. As a repository maintainer, I really would’ve appreciated that feature as a way to reduce the number of duplicates without having to go hunting for them myself.

I’ve only seen this warning when the specific page has been linked before. I find this warning somewhat helpful, because it clues me into the fact that I might be repeating a point already made earlier. But sometimes I intentionally reiterate a point made earlier, so I also appreciate the :heavy_multiplication_x: button.

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My full support in both cases. Additionally we could get rid of the message “This topic has been solved” covering the preview window and being as useless as the other 2.

Most probably not at all as all this stuff is Discourse standard … :cry:

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I think the feature is conceptually good, but we would need to have a whitelist of links/sites that shouldn’t trigger the clippy. If we can’t tune it then I agree that it can probably just be turned off and nobody would be sad.

Discourse has a lot of settings and we have not adjusted most of them, or even investigated them. We have set about 100 of them to custom settings, but the majority are set to defaults.

I had a quick look for settings around this in July and don’t recall any. If someone can identify a particular setting we can evaluate it, but I don’t plan to spend more time looking for a setting.

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