Can we create custom map and navigate only that map?


Sorry if this question has been answered before, but I tried searching and had no luck :roll_eyes:

I need to mark a set of streets on a city (only ONE lane in each direction or one lane only roads). Also, I’d like to get directions through that custom map, so I know that my route never takes me to other type os street/road.

Is this possible with OSM?


OSM doesn’t provide routing. It is all done by third party applications.

You could do it with any third party routing application that is downloadable, by making your own, offline copy of the map and manipulating that, but it is almost certainly going to be too much work for you. Otherwise, you would probably need an open source router, which you could modify so that merged your information about allowed streets before creating its routing database. Again that is possible but likely to be too much work for you.

I doubt if there is a canned solution.