Can somebody help me with my workflow? (JOSM editor)

Hello all,

I would like some help with my workflow, I think I’m doing things wrong. I’ve already looked at the JOSM editor Wiki, and at the Openstreetmap Wiki, but I couldn’t find some specific instructions, or best practices unfortunately. I use the communtiy recommended editor, JOSM. So now I ask for your help.

1 minute YouTube video of my workflow, I’ve added English captions (CC button in YouTube), so you know what I’m doing.

Too long didn’t watch:
Add a big building with the building tool (shortcut B).
Chop the building into smaller parts with the terrace tool.
Then use the extrude tool (shortcut key: X) to adjust the buildings.
Then when validating: error, because buildings are overlapping.

So my question to you all is: is there a better way to connect adjoining buildings, so that they do properly share a wall, and don’t overlap?

I have problems all the time with overlapping buildings, the only way I know to fix it is going in manually and:
to zoom in really, really close,
add a new node with the Improve Way accuracy tool,
CTRL + left mouse click to create a new node,
merge that node with the node of the other building.

There must be something I’m missing here…

I hope somebody can help me, and thanks for thinking with me. Also if any of you know of documentation or help online that would be relevant to my problem, please let me know.



I know it doesn’t answer your question directly, but I have the same problem with JOSM. So when I am doing things like connecting buildings I just use iD editor on the web. It seems like it handles that kind of thing a lot easier. You might want to give it a try.

Select a node and press [J]. The node will then “join” any nearby way segments.

Hmm, so you also have issues like mine with JOSM. I haven’t been able to find a good set of best practises, so that I can learn the best way to do things.

I began with the iD editor for my very first edits, but very quickly switched to the JOSM editor (JOSM was recommended to me by more experienced mappers). For the vast majority of things I do, I like the JOSM editor better, except for things like this (which may very well be user error…). So I will stick to using JOSM.

Thanks for thinking about this, and showing me toward alternatives (even if I’m being “stubborn” and sticking to JOSM).

I have tried this technique, and it looks like it will help a bit, at least insofar as fixing things manually, and connecting nodes to shared walls when tracing out fully manually. So thank you for bringing this function to my attention. :slight_smile:

Now, I still need a better workflow for the things I want to do in my first post. Because the terracing tool chops the selected starting box up in say 14 buildings. But those 14 buildings don’t really connect properly. It is just like putting 14 boxes in manually extremely close together but still with no shared wall, so that when I’m extruding things, parts of the building overlap. So if somebody knows how to improve my workflow, please respond. :slight_smile:

@HelpMapper: don’t know a better solution, but I hope you move the buildings to the building footprint before uploading. :slight_smile:

Well I have found something useful for me, and for everybody else struggling with buildings with shared walls. Main concept is: - tracing part of the building using buildings_tools plugin - extrude other part of buildings with Extrusion tool (X, and Shift+X) - split one outline to the attached parts using one of bunch of features of Utilsplugin2 plugin (Alt+X) :

And I have found more helpful information here, about tracing of buildings:

I have problems knowing where to “land” the roof tracing. How do you figure out where the roof tracing should be put “on the ground”?
I usually upload my roof tracings, without “landing” them on the ground. I usually figure that somebody more experienced than me could put this right, but better would be to do it right the first time, when I’m tracing things… :slight_smile:

So any help you can offer, so that I can put things right myself, is welcome. :slight_smile:

People are much more reluctant to change existing mapping than the create new objects, so it is best to get this sort of thing right first time.

Do you have tips, to get this right the first time? With regards to “landing” the roof tracing correctly?

First draw the roof like you did, at the end, move all connected buildings so the lower right corner of the right most building is placed over the right point of the ground (this point is visible on the aerial imagery in this case)