Can JOSM select elements by comparing their values?

Hi, is there any way to select items by comparing their values, without scripting skills?

For example:
If the value of name is equal to the value of name:xx select it

select this element

do not select this element

Does Overpass count as scripting? There are lots of overpass examples that allow you to select by various attributes, and that can be used to download data into JOSM.

Obviously using that to make a bunch of undiscussed changes to OSM is frowned upon - always discuss changes like this first if you’ve crossed that threshold.

No no, it’s not for mass editions, I’m very well aware of that, it’s for pure curiosity with data too big to overpass query

Another option is to download a data extract and use something like “osmium tags-filter” or “osm-tags-transform” to filter the data and create a smaller .osm.pbf file. There are examples of both of those here.

You can use the filter panel in JOSM

It is specifically in JOSM, seeing so many good search options, I was wondering if there was a way to do it with search window, thanks anyway.:+1:

to quickly display peaks that have no height good option, to compare values, like the one in the example, it does not seem to be possible, thanks anyway.

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First you select the elements #1
Secondly, from the result set, deselect the elements #2 (using “select” again)
(Or select #2 from this result set - depending on the group you want)

I’m testing your option and I didn’t understand it, I add example, graphically, something simple like open the search window and type (name_value==name:xx_value) and get selected the peak and the tree
Sorry if I have not expressed myself correctly

Received solution by private message from

in search window by Map CSS selector


Thank you all for making life a little easier for the GUI people

In a small region (single rural Municipality) the formatting and tagging of churchs, castles, farms (they traditionally have a name), etc. do vary a lot. I tried to harmonize a little by manual edit in the web editor, focusing on historical buildings.
While I have still to inform me and probably discuss here what format/s are the most appropriate, first I would like to know if serial (tabular) viewing and editing of certain places (in JOSM) is available?
P.S.: I do did not use JOSM so far.

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I use a small part of the great potential that JOSM has, I probably won’t be of great help to you, but can you give a practical example of what you are looking for? to know if it is better to open a new specific thread.
Maybe you’re looking for something like the TagEditor plugin?


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Not sure what you have tried. If you’re looking for some working examples, you might want to head to: Overpass API/Overpass API by Example - OpenStreetMap Wiki