Can i use this maps on my site for charity project?


I am new with openstreetmap, and my friends and i making a charity projcet for out town (Banja Luka) we want to all people who see some holes on the road while walking/driving to picture it send to us, we will publish on map place where will be information/ picture about that hole. And send to people in gov. to send some1 to fix it. We want to fix all things in our town.

Sry for my badn English… I hope you understand me…

So i need some links/person who can explain me how to add open street map in my site and how to add places on it with informations ?

Thanks a lot!

For using a map on your website, the best option is probably OpenLayers.
It will give you a slippy map, and you can add overlays on top of it. So you can add a layer with icons to click, which will show information/photo. You can start with this example here: