Can I see when my edits are changed/improved?


I see a lot of discussion about training newbees and avoiding common errors.

One thing that would help me as a relatively newbee is an RSS-feed or something similar showing when someone modifies changesets that I created earlier. The I can learn something about what was wrong with my mappings.

I did find Achavi and WhoDidIt, but not something that show alterations of user changesets.

Does such a thing exist?

It’s not exactly what you are asking for, but you can get an RSS feed of all edits within some rectangular area. I’m using for this.


Thanks for your reply.

My challenge is that I am entering data I collected during an overland trip from Europe to South Africa, i.e. a very large area with many sections with very few mappers.

Hello Jan,

so far there is NO feature yet to only see changes to the OSM data limited to a former changeset from the past.