Can I search recent changesets of recently deleted users?

Hi, as title, is there a way to search for recent changesets of recently deleted users? In my area this usually means a user uploaded a changeset and then deleted their account, in most cases they are using throw-away accounts and therefore not acting in good faith, so it would be cool to have a list of these changesets so they can be checked and reverted in case.

I tried to filter in OSMcha with “user_” in the user name filter (hoping it would list me all the user_xyz that appears when a user deletes their account). I also tried to filter “user=user_” and “user_” in the “Other metadata” filter, but again no luck.

OSMCha will work with user id of deleted users

I tend to use ChangesetMD for that (see recent diary entry). It can do things like search by userid, which is helpful when people change their name to fool the reset of the community prior to deletion.

The database that uses is 82GB, so it’s a reasonable chunk of space, but if you’re only interested in “recent” data rather than since the late 2000s, you can load the database starting at some much later point.

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