Can I request the deletion of GPS traces of another user?

Hi guys…

It’s not a big deal most of the time but when I try to edit this area, there are GPS traces with thousands (or millions?) of nodes that make editions nearly impossible depending on the hardware I am using. Furthermore, I do not believe the specific GPS traces are of any value.

Have you been in this situation? Can I somehow delete the trace directly? Is there a way to just filter these traces out at least? I’m not even sure who owns/uploaded the trace.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you step through your workflow so that people can appreciate the problem? I regularly map from my own GPS traces, and only occasionally look at everyone else’s if there aren’t other alignment options, and I haven’t had this issue at all - all the editors I’ve used allow you to turn off other people’s traces and only view either your own or one of your own that you’ve dragged and dropped on the editor.

Why not simply not download GPS traces when editing this area?

Have you tried switching off the gps-layer?

Yes, of course.

This area is weirdly aligned, maybe because it’s close to a mountain range. I use community GPS traces because satellite data is not well aligned between them, so I align them with the GPS traces available in OSM. I don’t live in the area, so I can’t really use only my GPS traces, though, when I visit I do some of my own. In any case, they wouldn’t be enough to map this area, so I need to load GPS traces. Of course, this does not stop me from doing my edits, but I’ve stumbled upon these GPS traces that are really junk data, and in some ways, I have to work around them every time I edit the area, which is common.

It’s a very practical question, can they be deleted or filtered out?

It sounds like you want to use some traces uploaded by other people to OSM bit not others. The GPS layer visible here is “all or nothing” - there is currently no way to delete anything from that layer.

What you might be able to do is to obtain / download some “good” GPS traces and just use those, for example by dragging and dropping onto iD.

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Here I read:

It seems they cannot be deleted except by the owner.

I see also some participial problems enabling the deletion of somebody else traces, people differ in evaluating what is fine and what not and often a GPS track is only partly bad because at that moment the satellite coverage was bad.

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It would help if you could single out one good track and display (or export) only that one.


I understand, but there surely can be a limit to that. These traces are like infinite knots of data. I don’t think a minimal quality assurance could hurt.

I guess it’s gonna be like this. Thank you.