Can I Monitor Overpass Query Results Through RSS for QA Monitoring?

I have been building queries in Overpass-Turbo that identify several types of poorly mapped features in my region. Eventually the query should return no results (once I improve how they are mapped). It would be great if I could monitor the results in a way that would notify me of new results. My current plan is to set a bookmark and check on it regularly. Is there any way to automate this with an associated notification (via RSS/email/etc?)

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I have some such queries.

I have a Python script that runs this queries and notifies me when some entries are found.
This may or may not be a solution, depending on how complicates writing and running Python/Ruby/etc script would be for you (in other words, works for programmers and people willing to become one).

I can share this scripts or explain how to setup this if someone is interested.

Alternatively you can create an umap directly fed by overpass-turbo. It would give you a hint on how much and where stuff is missing.

To mention @mvexel here: This issue would be great for this → Continuous Challenges · Issue #1910 · maproulette/maproulette3 · GitHub

I have experience with Python. If you can share the scripts that might work for me. Thank you.

sure! matkoniecz/OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts - OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts -

feel free to ping me if something does not work, part of code is in libraries that AFAIK except me is not used by anyone so it is possible that parts are working only for me, hardcode something etc

I have not put much effort into reusability by others and documentation, but I can change that if there is a real interest.

see say GitHub - matkoniecz/osm_bot_abstraction_layer: OSM bot abstraction layer building upon osmapi, to make easier to automate edits without causing problems. that can be used also to fetch data and for example show system notifications

OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts/ at master - OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts - just lists found objects

OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts/ at master - OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts - has tool-assisted note creation (producing notes like Note: 3885797 | OpenStreetMap )

OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts/ at master - OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts - has processing of taginfo data (hidden in humongous listing of encountered values) with so bonus checking of OSM Wiki page

OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts/ at master - OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts - has something similar using taginfo stats and iD preset info from taginfo to find some clear mispellings

OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts/recurrent_bot_edits at master - OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts - has outright bot edits

OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts/script_assisted_cleanup at master - OpenStreetMap_cleanup_scripts - has tool-assisted edits based on Overpass queries

Create a shortcut in OPTurbo (ensure ‘run this query immediately’ is ticked)

Use a browser of your choice to run it:


Add that as a program to run in a task of your operating system’s task scheduler (LaunchD on Mac?).