Can I map a place where tickets are checked?

With some tourism sites, especially those where you buy tickets online, there are specific places where tickets are checked. However, there might not be anything permanent physical there - just a person usually stands there checking the ticekt. Is my understanding correct that since it is nothing physical, it does not get mapped? I could not find any appropriate tags for it.

there is
usually one would expect an entrance=* or barrier=gate or similar, but if there is nothing you can add barrier=entrance

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If there is no verifyable permanent object on the ground I would refrain from mapping such a place.


if they are constantly at the same position every day, then it could be mapped (we map also unsigned names in use, street vendors operating consistently at the same location and so on)

but benefit from mapping this POI seems really low? If tickets are only checked, not bought there - who would even use it? People who try to get in without paying?

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People trying to get in - it basically marks the entrance to the facility, which might not be obvious. I made a note when I was in Alhambra in Grenada, Spain that I was looking for such a POI. I thought the POI that usually marks a ticket office could be used, but reading its semantics later, it does not fit at all.

Ok, thank you for your comments everybody! When I tried to implement them, turns out my confusion was mainly due to the fact that the map was wrong, having a nonexistent street mapped, so I fixed that. I however tagged the physical entrances with barrier:personnel=additional (which, if I got the wiki right, means your access right is checked) and since the place I was talking about is 20 m from there, I do not think it needs additional tagging. OSMCha

Interestingly the place has some buildings quite visibly offset and some correct, but I do not think I have the skillset to fix that.

You can map things that are regularly there.

Another way to do it: Add access tags to the path around it. Before the ticket inspector, there is access=yes, and afterwards access=customers.

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