Can i load roads directly?

I have a year ago made a tourist map on my local area. All data is my own. To make my on maps I have translate the coordinate to XY square projection, somthing like swedish RT90, Thats not the problem but the orginal GPS track-data is lost.
I know that every nodes is correct.
Can I use a format that make the streets directly?

Ok there are a couple of questions here.

  1. How can I create streets directly from a GPX file

  2. how can I convert coordinates RT90 → wgs84

  3. how do I convert a map to OSM

  4. JOSM has support for making segments directly from a GPX file, just open the file and unselect “import as raw GPS data”.

  5. wasn’t a problem, but you can see Converting to WGS84

  6. This is harder I have no idea how to do this in a good way. Perhaps BEn Gimpert has any Idea.

I wold love to help with Värmland if you need help.

Ha en trevlig sommar.

  1. Good! maybee thats I need.
  2. Not a problem I have my one coordinate but I use the RT90 algoritm to translate from NMEA.
  3. I only think to use my road data. The area is not more than ca 25*25km mostly forest.

You are welcom to help. I have seen that Värmlands is a “black” part off sweden. We (my family) like to drive by MC and now when i have found this site (tanks to eric) I should save my trace for everyone to use.
I live North Munkfors.

Ha en skön sommar ni också.

So what will you do next?

Just for moment I learning :smiley:

Have a trace of Road 62 from Munkfors to Karlstad saved as NMEA.
Litle to much points. (1 per sec) When I have time I try to reduce with the program gpsbabel.exe Or make my own. I dont know if its only use 1 of X or have some algoritm.

just upload it to OSM, the more points the better, you can convert it easily with gpbabel

gpsbabel -i nmea -o gpx -f myfile.nmea -F filetoOSM.gpx 

I upload all my GPX tracks directly when I’m done biking, I also edit them with JOSM directly.

I try with ‘-x simplify,count=xxxx’ I think it do what i want.

Like what I say before. I dont like to fill the database to much. Its alredy to slow.

But there is no meaning in simplifying the GPX tracks you make. I don’t understand why you want to do that… Ok sure if you want to use “import GPX as OSM” in JOSM then I can understand you…

You still should upload the original GPX file into the OSM database.

But I actually wanted to know about your turist map, what will you do with it.

I don’t like to fill the database with unused stuff. Like lot of points we dont need.
It make everything more slowly.

I can explain too you about the turistmap but dont in english. Maybee we need a swidish forum.

I like the idea of having a time where tracks are displayed, and after this certain amount of time they are either deleted, or just no longer displayed (or downloaded with the offline editors).

First: Uploading GPX tracks should not make the system (measurable) slower.

And: There may be reasons to modify the GPX track before uploading.

  • Removing misleading side-trips (parking at pavement, going for a piddle in the bush when biking :wink:
  • Anonymize the stuff
  • Fix/Remove broken points (some devices start logging even when they have no signal and remember the location of the last shutdown)

Ciao, Imi.

I live more by the rule to upload it all because.

  1. You don’t have privacy anyways
  2. It gives OSM more data (this is most important for me)
  3. Less work for you
  4. We can fix it later

I think everyone should upload raw logs unedited, why not?

Occasionaly, I get a wrong point such as 0N, 0W put in, just when the GPS switches on, but I delete it out prior to upload. I would suggest that everyone gzips their GPX before uploading it.