Can I find existing GPS traces embedded on a website?


I am trying to find GPS data for a trace shown through Javascript on a website. The website is Heritage Units, where railroad fans log the movement of locomotives around the United States.

The particular function I want to observe is the train symbol. This is the way railroad companies schedule their trains, and they always follow the same path. For example, the 29G goes from Jersey City to Chicago through a defined route shown below. There are many hundreds of routes like this shown on the website.

I have tried looking through the scripting of the website for any calls to openstreetmap, as well as probing different areas through JOSM, but nothing turns up a cohesive route, only sections from many different authors. It seems to me that the author of the website created the route themselves by piecing it together.

My question is, can I view this data that is shown on the website as a gpx file? I would like to view what is shown on the website. It is an interactable map, not an image, so I assume it must be referencing from somewhere.

You can view the example symbol here: Heritage Units