Can I edit the OpenStreet Map with a Satellite Layer showing?

I have a road with no houses shown on the OpenStreet Map and would like to add these to the map.
However it’s diffcult to draw the boundaries without having something to work with.
Can I display a Satalitte View and edit?
Or is there any other way that II can do the same thing e.g import another map and trace the houses?

Yes, satellite and aerial imagery suitable for tracing is generally available in most of the world, though the quality varies a lot. For instance, OSM has permission to use Bing satellite images, which has good general coverage.

What editor are you using?

If you are using iD (the editor you get when clicking the “edit” button on, a background aerial layer shows up automatically, usually the best available.

In JOSM, another popular editor, you get many options for adding imagery layers if you click the “Imagery” tab in the main manu.

We have satellite images from different companies available for tracing but if it’s a new build it may take a few years to show up.

Go to, click Edit, then click on the stack of square pancakes on the right to bring up the list of available sources. If you’re lucky one of them will have it.

(That is, if you’re on a computer, the edit button won’t show on a phone)