Can i develop commercial application using OSM 2 World Code


The OSM 2 World java code is free downloadable. I just wondering if we can add additional features to the OSM 2 World code and share to to the clients or any commercial licensing is involved for OSM.
Please let me know.

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You can link the LGPL-licensed code to your proprietary code. This means you can use the LGPL code as a separate library or module without your own code having to comply with the LGPL. And you must inform users of your software that parts of it are LGPL-licensed and provide them with a copy of the LGPL. But if you make modifications to LGPL-licensed code, you must publish those modifications under the same LGPL license. The modified LGPL code must remain freely accessible.

Am I correct @Tordanik ?

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Like all software under an OSI-approved open source license, OSM2World can be used in commercial applications.

However, as @mcliquid correctly points out, OSM2World is licensed under the LGPL 3.0 license at the time of this answer. Therefore, there is a distinction to make:

  • Code that just uses OSM2World as a library can be proprietary and subject to any commercial terms you want to impose.
  • However, if you make changes directly to OSM2World’s code, then those particular changes need to be LGPL-licensed. You can still take money for it, but any user of your improved version of OSM2World will be entitled to access the source code and can use and share it under LGPL terms.

If necessary, you can do both – create your own modified version of the OSM2World library, and build a proprietary app around it.