Can driveways connect to houses?

A driveway goes from a road and ends at the garage door entrance. Can/should the highway=driveway way connect to the house at the garage door?

If you mean highway=service, service=driveway … it can, it should not connect to a building in my opinion.



@R0bst3r, Are you able to elaborate with your pro/cons for your opinion?

Pro connecting:

  • it is routable
  • it is maybe on the ground


  • In my case there is only one person who use this highway
  • I don’t need any routing
  • This highway doesn’t end on the wall, we need a gate, …
  • This gate is also only used by me and access=private, it is also locked.
  • I for myself don’t see the necessarity to tag private property.

My opinion is also just one of 1000. Another mapper, another opinion.

  1. He’s specifically asking about connecting to the garage door, not any point of the house. This should be acceptable, with a door/gate entrance/exit of course.
  2. The proper legal restriction of a driveway is much debated. I would leave it implicit first, and only put access=private on the gate/door.

I wish there were a way to up vote answers on this forum as I’d up vote this one.

Especially the part about legal restriction of a driveway. That varies quite a bit based on where you are. My sense of the fairly recent discussion on this on the tagging email list (or maybe it was talk-us) is that if you feel you really must put an access tag on a driveway to a house it probably ought to be


unless there is a gate or visible no trespassing signs on the ground in which case


could be okay. But since the situation is usually not visible in aerial imagery and since local laws vary, it is usually best to simply leave the access tag off and let the local convention, what ever that is, be assumed.

Personally my interpretation would be access=delivery, or perhaps more specifically

access:conditional=permissive @ (delivery)

Reason being the most common motor_vehicle=destination still means it’s quite a “public” street, somewhat similar to a

access:conditional=yes @ (destination)