Can an area be split in two?

I have a large landuse=residential that would be better split into two landuse areas.

Can this be done? Or do I have to make one area smaller and create a second area from new?

I usually use utilsplugin2 in JOSM, simple draw a way through the area, select the way and the area and press <Alt-X> or More tools > Split object


To split area’s in iD-editor I copy all tags from the area and save them. Then you can select a node of the area where you want to split it an press X to cut it in halfes. You will get a multipolygon relation. Now delete all tags from the area, and delete the relation (remove it from the area). That result in 2 independent ways. These now should be drawn around where you want the new area’s and then closed to get an area.

You can select the last node and add more nodes with “A”, like when you draw roads to the end.
I prefer to use the one with the history in the bigger area. You put the saved tags on both of the area’s, and have two of them without drawing all new.

Depending on where iD set the opposite point to split, you have to redraw more or less of the area, but in most cases its faster then cut area and draw one completely new.


Yup, I’ve been engaged in grand splitting of a lot left/right of main roads. First copy the right to left and right to get the replicate parallel line (shift P activate, select way and drag it away from the way to get the copy, remove tags, connect to the area intended to split and cut out the short pieces that straddle the way) Since this process has some minimum distance before the copy shows, I often move the replica closer back to the road else you end up with too much white space… shoulders wider than the road itself :P).

To emphasise, not because some QA irritates over areas crossing main roads, rather to make large multipolygon relations smaller, more readily maintainable without having to load large swaths of data.

In JOSM I draw a line and hit [shift][CTRL]-1:

Split polygon