Can a winter bicycle path with good maintance be prioritized by routers?

I would like a router to prioritize some bike paths in my city. In Sweden/Denmark/Netherlands the municipalities have a special sweeping and salting method in the winter. The bike paths have a smooth ice free asphalt surface during the whole winter, save for a few days. The problem with this is;

This results in up to 50% faster travel time during winter.

  1. what tag should I use winter_service:sweep_salting
  2. not OTG mapping since this is maintenance it is not always done, and I can not map this everyday.
  3. how can I get a router to prioritize those routes, especially during winter.
  4. how can I get a router to update every day so we can route around maintenance problems with the bike paths.

Youtube movie (swedish subtitles as a gif:)

Swedish link