Calling all Hull Mappers

Hi there, I am looking for experienced mappers in the Hull area that would be willing to work closely with the Guide Dogs Association in that area to ensure the town is properly mapped. Please can you let me know.


I just had this pointed out to me - I don’t usually use the forum.

I mapped a great deal of what you see in Hull, mostly single-handed. I, slightly prematurely, declared all the streets in Hull mapped about nine years ago. I have since added about 50,000 houses in the city by hand, but far from all of them. I have used the data to create a variety of maps and analysis, especially relating to flood risk. Recently there have been additions by other people, mostly shops and other businesses by which is detail that is badly needed and greatly welcome. Recently my mapping has slowed down. If anyone has any questions about mapping Hull or using the raw map data I’d be glad to help.

With regard to the specific needs of the Guide Dogs asscn, what detail would help the most?

Hi there Chillly, it’s great to make contact with you. Let me speak to the contact that is managing the Guide Dogs teams and I will get back to you. I will contact you by email.

Thanks very much for making contact.


I’m also from Hull but mostly deal with the railway, but I may be able to help :slight_smile: