Call for translators


Thanks to Sven Anders, who made JOSM gettext-compatible (not yet checked in), we would need some translators in future.

So this is a call for translators. Who would like to translate JOSM texts and to what language?

Ciao, Imi.

I expect this would be pointless, but I could do British English. (en-gb)

sigh… I knew it !!!

(My english is so bad, that people see the need to translate it instead of bug report my typos :wink:

Just report my spelling errors, ok? :smiley:

Ciao, Imi.

I didn’t mean it like that, I meant that American English and British are slightly different. JOSM seems to use american. You english is much better than my anything but english.

Now the need for translators is real! JOSM rev. 112 now supports translations!

So be cool! Be a JOSM translator! :wink:

For more, look here:

bruce89: Sorry, no sub-locale supported for now. So “en_GB” isn’t possible (yet).

bruce89: JOSM now support the full locale-specification. You could do an en_GB if you like :wink:

I have translated all the strings for en_gb, but there appears to be no way to attach files here. I have sent it to the mailing list.

Why you not need a online translation like This make it many easer to translate it.

Hi, I’m living in France at the moment, and would be willing to help with a French JOSM translation…