Call for SotM 2024 Travel Grant Program Application is now OPEN!

SotM 2024 Travel Grant Program Call for Application is now open!

Deadline: 31 January 2024 at 23:59 UTC.

More details: Call for SotM 2024 Travel Grant Program Application now OPEN! | OpenStreetMap Blog

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on behalf of SotM WG Comms team

Hello @arnalielsewhere ,

I would like to suggest considering the needs of community members with disabilities in the OSM Conference travel support application.
For instance, people with mobility impairments, such as wheelchair users, or those with visual impairments often require a companion for assistance, which increases their travel expenses.
Additionally, mothers with young children also face unique challenges.

Unfortunately, these individuals may not be able to volunteer as much, placing them at a disadvantage in the scoring system.

Could we possibly include information about the conference’s accessibility features, such as:

  • Whether the venue is accessible,
  • What kind of special dietary options are available (e.g., vegetarian, halal/kosher, etc.),
  • If there will be childcare or programs for children, which can be significant for attendees with kids.

Thank you for considering these points.

Best regards,

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Hi Imre,

thank your for your hint. We will discuss it within our next meeting.

Best regards,

Christine (SotM WG)


Hi community!

we humbly ask for you support in promoting this TGP! I created social media pack to guide posts: ChaosPad V1.1: S1IkPt38fP

Thank you! :slight_smile: