Calculating distance between multiple adresses in excel with OSM help


I have multiple adresses that I want to know the distance between in a excel sheet and I know its possible to setup api with OSM to calculate these. Could someone please help me through the process of how I do it?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


the OSM wiki at

can be a starting point for your research.

If you know the coordinates of the addresses you can calculate the birdseye distance between them: DISTANCE = ACOS(SIN(A3*$C$2)SIN(A4$C$2)+COS(A3*$C$2)COS(A4$C$2)COS(B4$C$2-B3*$C$2))*6371
The coordinates have to be in decimal format. In a spreadsheet the latitudes are in column A, the longitudes in column B. Cell C2 contains the constant value 0.0174532925 (Pi/180). Result is in kilometers. ref.:

But I doubt this is what you are looking for? The distance ‘on the ground’ depends on the presence of roads and of the type of ‘vehicle’ you are calculating the distance for. A pedestrian surely will take a different route compared to automobiles, bicycles, etc., etc…