Caching Tiles with Memcache and/or CDN

Hello everyone,

So I’ve used @SomeoneElse’s guide to creating a tile server ( Right now the renderd tiles are being cached/stored in a folder system on the server /var/lib/mod_tile/.

We’re trying to figure out if there are any ways to cut the costs of requests and cache tiles with memcache and/or CDN. Our server will be getting about 1k-10k requests per minute. We’ve already installed the mapnik vector tiles in order to cut costs ( We’re trying to figure out how much this will cost and if we could possibly knock those costs down.

I know that there is an option to use Squid (, so I imagine that someone has done it for memcache and a CDN.

However, I have not found anything online of anyone doing this before.

Has anyone here used memcache and/or a CDN in the past with their tile server, and what steps need to be done for both of these methods?

I also found this