Cache not refreshing for over 2 months

One user corrected name of lake - he changed it from “Kusowo” to “Dobrcz”, and his change is correct. It’s this lake.

However on zoom 17 there is still old name visible. See here: OpenStreetMap

And exact tile is here (it should display name “Dobrcz”):
Can you verify why name has not changed for over 2 months?

We discussed it in this note.

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I tried editing more to force refresh. It worked, at least for me, see


I seem to remember that editing relations does not trigger tile updates.

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That might be explanation, I didn’t know about that. And probably on lower zoom levels there was some edit in tile area.

Absolutely, relations are not map rendered… up for a long wait. Moving a node 1 pixel of a relation member does it as with anything else representing something physical.

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