by osm2pgsql imported relations without a name


I need the names of relations, but they the field is empty in the table planet_osm_line. When I look for a special relation (example: id=-9030) there are just values for the route-tag, osm_id and way.
When I search this relation in the table planet_osm_rels, I can find it with all the key-value-pairs, including the name and route. (I need all relations with special values of key route)

Why are the information in the table rels, but not in the table line?

this problem seems to be systematic. Following Statement returns ‘0’
SELECT COUNT() FROM planet_osm_line WHERE osm_id<0 and route is not null and name is not null;
And this statement returns ‘1009’
) FROM planet_osm_rels WHERE array_to_string(tags,‘,’) like ‘%name%’ AND array_to_string(tags,‘,’) like ‘%route%’;

I used the osm-file for Brandenburg.

Can anyone help?

thanks in advance!

Relation names can be found in the ‘route_name’ column.

You may need to enable that column in your file used by osm2pgsql during the import.