BuzMap - A Global Interactive Transit Map

I have built this http://buz-map.com/#7/53.056/-5.213
There is some free thought here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UjNdgivIgXxKA73dBCqsUgbTjO46V91QnMoGO7Vkelg/edit

I have done something I believe is cool with regard to vector tile reduction that allows for the entire planetary transit network to be maintained/reprinted incrementally, i.e as stuff changes or is added, not by way of reprinting the entire map at all zoom levels. it will be as usable, readable and virtually as performant at zoom level 1 as level 18.

There are a number of important bugs I have to sort out, railways are much harder than roads for instance, but the principle works.
Currently, I am aware of no national rail operator who has an interactive map of their network. The best you can expect is a pdf., I want a map where I can discover places to go, I dont really know where I want to go to yet in the country I have decided to visit. Bus operators are worse. They best you can expect is a PDF which is all but unreadable even by the likes of me. In most countries, but by no means all, existence of a railway line is a strong indication of passenger service. A road however is no guarantee of a bus. So for the U.S. for instance, we wont be printing all those wiggly railway lines in the rust belt that do not carry people. The OSM transit rendering, which I have enjoyed using so much over the years, is a map of metal, not of passenger services. There are no buses on it and Irish bog railways do not run passenger services.

All I have loaded on the map right now are Irish national buses and trains, UK trains, and a stab at Indian trains.There is data that I have previously played with and for the most part loaded, for the usual suspects, north america, western Europe and the usual pacific rims. My goal is to populate the unused parts of the map, Asia, Africa and South and Central America. If I can float this in Europe and America then we may be able to get governmental support in these other countries to compel state sponsored and licensed operators to publish their timetable data. All I need is where you go and in what order and I can build a map. The tourist potential alone is vast and in many places like Mumbai, Manila, Mexico, even God doesnt know where the buses actually go unless he/she gets that bus to work.

I am aiming for a justifiable beta by early next year with most of the publicly available data for western Europe and north america loaded. .No promises on that. Moral support would be appreciated. Financial or otherwise commercial relationships might actually make this happen. A single access point to every booking engine and localized transit route finder, that can be deeply integrated into travel portals by just using the vector tiles overlaid on their hotel maps, is surely going to be worth something.

The Deutsche Bahn currently has a very ugly & unprofessional map: construction sites edition. I still remember the version before from < 2010, which also has been public, and demanded Internet Explorer + Adobe SVG plugin.