Button to cause flashing lights on bridge to flash

How would you tag this button? When a bicycle wishes to cross the bridge, the bicycle rider has to press this button. Pressing the button triggers warning signs and flashing lights to light up on the bridge and all along the approaches for about 12 minutes, which is the calculated time it would take a bicycle across the bridge. Pressing the button also sends an email to a number of senior officials and the police department for the Maryland transportation Authority, and triggers cameras to turn on and focus on the cyclist. Bicyclist are only allowed to press the button and use the bridge during certain times. There is a similar button on the other side of the span. Bicycles are not subject to toll, although motor vehicles are.

I think this is a fairly unique situation. How would you tag the features here to facilitate accurate depiction on bicycle focused OSM data?


I first thought about something to do with a call_button, & TI says there are 3 uses of wheelchair:call_button=yes, but not documented at all.

Also spotted button_operated, which then also refers to Key:flashing_lights - OpenStreetMap Wiki & flashing_lights=button

Something along those lines may help?

Are you asking about the button itself, or how to reflect that on the road?
For the former, recently found 1 man_made=button for a door. That’s more neutral (maybe Netherlands do them properly), and isn’t limited to crosswalks as the other 1 man_made=beg_button is. My strongest opinion is don’t use the dozen of utility=pedestrian_signal_button , as it is not a “utility”, and doesn’t fit =utility_pole . They are being abused for the sake of the pole, as the ~600 utility=traffic_sign shows.
Any possible inspirations from controls and phones/intercoms of crossing:on_demand= or long low vehicles on =level_crossing ?