Bus Routes

I have a problem in my hometown, (Fairbanks, AK).
Bus routes are showing up, but are not named. There are two routes currently mapped, called red line, and Green line. Red goes around Fairbanks, and Green goes To north Pole and Back. and also, there are certain “runs” on green where it is express, either to north pole, or from it. my questions are:
1.) How do I get the route names to show up
2.) How do I show the express routes as separate from the regular runs and each other?

Hi, try adding a ‘ref’ tag to the relation with the name of the route.

(By the way, I like the city name of North Pole, and the idea of a bus route the goes to the ‘North Pole’!)

We’ve got a similar “route name problem” here in Finland too. In larger cities and towns the local routes have got route numbers like 1, 3, 25 and so on. Outside in the country side route numbers aren’t in use. I’ve tagged those routes with ref=blablabla - blablabla, like in Äänekoski town. There are now five local routes: Äki keskusta-Mämmensalmi, Mämmensalmi - Terveyskeskus, Suolahti - Äänekoski, Äänekoski - Suolahti and Äänekoski - Suolahti (two different relations, the first one runs striaght to Suolahti bus station while the latter one via Telakkakatu to the bus station). And as you may notice, I have shortened Äänekoski to Äki. Maybe should I “correct” it to Äänekosken. But Äänekosken keskusta - Mämmensalmi is that a damn long ref name. :slight_smile:

Do you have a way of doing that with the menus? is it one of the four text boxes when you edit the relation? I filled out the name of the route and the operator, but I’m not sure what they mean by the network name, or the reference number.

And the whole town is Christmas themed, it was named North Pole in the hopes that a toy manufacturer soon would be there. (see what I did there?:cool:)

Damn, that looks hard to pronounce! My brain hurts just trying to figure out how to say those names! :laughing:

Hi - I think this is the “Reference” field in the route relation editor in Potlatch. (The editor translates this to the ‘ref’ tag). Reference can be anything locally used to reference the line, often the shorter the better. For this case, either ‘Green’ or 'Green Line" will work.

Thank you for the answers

I have another question, when looking at London in the transport layer, I noticed some bus stops that seemed to be marked out by an area, what is it and how can I get it to happen?

Finnish is one of the easiest languages when it comes to pronounciation. With only a few exceptions all the words are pronounced as written. Ä = like a in hat (ää = a long vowel), e = like in let, o = like in ou in of course, but short and i = like in bee, but short. Simple as that :smiley:

I think you mean stops like those around Piccadilly Circus? All those 6 stops are tagged with the same name tag (name=Piccadilly Circus) and are shown highlighted with an area around them. In openbusmap (or ÖPNVKarte.de) the stops are highlighted in pairs or sometimes 3-4 stops together. Here are the same stops, by öpnvkarte.de.

As you may notice on the latter map, the stops are clickable. When you click on a stop node, a list of routes connected to the stop pops up. It seems that no routes have been tagged to the stops, so I’ll give an example of stops with working pop up listings: the Central terminus of Jyväskylä. (Sadly enough, ÖPNVKarte is not updated that frequently compared to Transport Map).