Bus routes klang valley need to be resurveyed and updated

A lot of incomplete older Rapidkl routes still exist. Those with U**, B*** route numbers are no longer in use.
The user/users who created those routes don’t seem to be active in OSM anymore. Therefore, I am getting ready to delete all those relations.

No copying from Google!!. (RapidKL is using that currently).

So how you added the bus route into OSM? Take a ride locally? Using RapidKL data as reference should be a yes but definitely, no for now as they give GoogleMpas to access their data. And also Moovit. I dont think we need to do this kind of stuff, but depends on you lah. Kat Klang masih banyak lubang kena isi… I will finish my Selangor update by this month, pretty hard…

Can we use youtube video for reference?


route 751, Pasar Seni to Taman Sri Muda…love the double decker bus ride :smiley:

Ask for permission first from the original uploader. If permission is granted, then it’s a greenlight.

I added some bus route, yes, by taking an actual ride. E.g. there’s one (incomplete) route in Seberang Perai and another (KLIA-KTM Nilai) - but then again, the latest route may subject to change. Incomplete route is better than nothing at all. Well, ground truth may take some time, but anything is possible if you are patient enough. Feel extreme enough? You might want to tailgate a bus route from the comfort of your private vehicle.

It is the other way around. Google Maps is now getting GTFS data directly from Prasarana/Rapid Bus including realtime bus arrival data. But not all data that Google mark as RapidKL’s actually came from Rapid Bus.

Similar for Moovit. They now get directly from Prasarana/Rapid Bus its GTFS data too, however they do post processing so some things are changed/streamlined (duplicate bus stops name etc).

OSM mappers can certainly request the same data in GTFS format from Rapid Bus for updating into OSM. :wink:

Ref https://www.myrapid.com.my/corporate-information/media/media-releases/aplikasi-moovit-mampu-membantu-pengguna-bas-merancang-perjalanan

Most of the routes are were actually renamed during the SPAD BNR (Bus Network Revamp) in 2015 [1]. You can find the change from old name to new name on RapidKL website. For example, old name U80 (previous route no) is now 750 (new route no). The route is exactly the same. [2]

[1] https://www.apad.gov.my/en/land-public-transport/buses/bus-network-revamp-bnr
[2] https://www.myrapid.com.my/traveling-with-us/how-to-travel-with-us/rapid-kl/bus “Lebuhraya Persekutuan”

For those mapping Klang Valley Bus Routes please update status of routes you create/update in this OSM wiki page.
Bus routes in Klang Valley

Thinking of working on this. Any bus routes that I can refer to as the standard convention?

This OSM wiki page is good reference for Malaysia/Klang Valley bus routes already done, needing updates and tagging conventions used.

The result of the poll for the favourable tagging for bus route is here, can start to create or standardize the currently available bus routes in OSM. For more information regarding this can see the group discussion or the Buses in Klang Valley wiki page.