Bus route not shown on öpnvkarte.de (openbus.org) though other one is


I´ve added relations representing bus routes from/to Hartland, Devon, England. However, the relation 1.648.151 (Bus 319) is not rendered on öpnvkarte.de whereas the relation 1.648.446 (Bus 519) is rendered in the same area (same tiles) though it was added later. Any idea?


Can’t see anything wrong with your the data for the 319 route. Are you sure it was added earlier than the 519? Otherwise I would say it’s just a delay in updating (or failure to update at all) of öpnvkarte. It was supposed to be re-hosted on better servers I had heard, but I don’t know.

There’s a new transport map run by the same guy who does OpenCycleMap. This server chugs along pretty slowly sometimes. I had to request this area, then come back later to see the tiles rendered, but look! The 319 route!: