Bus route not rendered as expected


Could someone please check if there is some issue or something missing on my bus route?

route_master: Relation: ‪Bus 9‬ (‪16062332‬) | OpenStreetMap
route: Relation: ‪Bus 9: Lac Blanc 1200 => Grand Ballon‬ (‪175440‬) | OpenStreetMap
route: Relation: ‪Bus 9: Grand Ballon => Lac Blanc 1200‬ (‪16062405‬) | OpenStreetMap

It doesn’t render as the other bus routes in OsmAnd+ app.
I made a lot of changes, but before them, it also didn’t render.


Data entered into OSM requires refreshing the maps in the applications. OSMAND updates its maps at the beginning of each month, but there is also the option to update it even every hour. I don’t know which option you are using but maybe you need to force map data update because the first version of these reports is dated yesterday at 17:00

I refreshed the data as you mention. However, although the other data is refreshed (location of the platforms for example), the route still isn’t displayed. I’m trying to see if “stop_position” is actually mandatory for rendering, I only added the platforms to the route, but not the stops.

I remember the hourly update of OSMand had some problems with bus routes.
I remember talking about it on a github issue.
You’re probably better off waiting for the next monthly update and check that it displays correctly then.


When it comes to verifying bus rations, I recommend using the brand new tool https://relatify.monicz.dev/, which shows bus routes in an aesthetic way and allows you to update them.

Edit: I’ve corrected the link in the original post (Andy, help forum moderator)

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this domain https://relatify.moncz.dev doesn’t seem to exist?

Ok, it’s https://relatify.monicz.dev/

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