Bulk import opportunity - peaks

The organization that created the the DEM used by the Israel Hiking and Biking maps, and donated it to the public domain, has offered a large set of peaks analyzed from the same ASTER satellite source. A large sample of the heights was compared with other sources and found to be very accurate.

I would like to bulk-import this set. It could bring OSM topo maps to the level of commercially available maps.

Since the data includes only the location and elevation of the peak, it would therefore require consolidating with existing names and other tags of the existing peaks.

If you have objections or ideas it would make sense to raise them now.

Will the consolidation be manual, or would peaks close to existing one be automatically merged?

Do you have any idea how such a consolidation can be automated?

I would suggest merging any points within 50 m of one another, using the older name (if it exists) and newer co-ordinates and elevation, and adding a note for manual verification.

I could automate that. I have some experience from merging bus stops.