Bulk Edit: Remove Mapillary broken images links

There are many images in OSM in Israel which has a link to Mapillary images, these images links are not functional and seems to come out of a bot that Mapillary use.
I contacted the author of the bot and he said that fixing it is on his redar.
I’m not sure if and when this is going to happen and I would like to avoid having broken links in OSM (we use the in Israel Hiking Map so having broken links is something we test and have alerts for).

Bottom line: I would like to remove all image links that start with

Since these links are broken, and there is no known fix, I support removing them.

The removal can be done in a single changeset, so any future fix can be applied after reverting that changeset.

Done in changeset 131006029

Follow-up removal was done in changeset 131113181.