Bulk edit announcement - fill missing wikipedia tag from wikipedia:* tags

I am planning to fill missing wikipedia tag in Israel and Palestine from wikipeadia:* tags.

Currently, there are 58 OSM candidate elements for this edit.

To decide which Wikipedia language should be used, a wikipedia:<lang> tag will be copied to the wikipedia tag if the name:<lang> tag is equal to the name tag.

Please post here if you approve or have any reservations about this edit.

I’ll cross-post this announcement to the OSM_Israel Telegram channel.

I did something similar in the past, better link to Wikidata rather than Wikipedia as it allows more flexibility.

I don’t know how to get from wikipedia to wikidata or the other way around. I believe I’m not the only one…
Please feel free to do a bulk update that adds missing wikidata tags.

Does the title need a typo fix?

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No objections

Thanks, @SekeRob

Just search for Wikidata (ויקינתונים) instead, it should have the same name but it’s a wider linkage feature than Wikipedia.
For example: For Wikipedia you have to create a key-value pair for every language such as: wikipedia:en - Jerusalem, wikipedia:he - ירושלים, wikipedia:ar - القدس etc.
Linking the item directly to Wikidata makes all these connections automatically without linking every single article and there are more benefits to it (changing the name or any other detail is handled in a single source of truth across several databases).
This is the Wikidata item for Jerusalem: Jerusalem - Wikidata
I’d love to explain further if necessary.

AFAIK, OSM wikidata tag is not a replacement for the wikipedia tag.
This bulk edit announcement is unrelated to wikidata.

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Hi. In the list of 58, there is the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, which has a Hebrew wikipedia for “Mirkaz Rfui Meir” and an English wikipedia for “Meir Hospital”, each matching the corresponding name tag. Do you propose to add both the English and the Hebrew tags? Or only the Hebrew tag?

Way: ‪מרכז רפואי מאיר‬ (‪295023673‬) | OpenStreetMap has no wikipedia tag.
It has a wikipedia:he tag (“מרכז רפואי מאיר”) and the value of its name tag is identical to that of its name:he tag.
Therefore, the planned the value of the wikipedia tag is “he:מרכז רפואי מאיר”.

Understood. Thanks for explaining.

It’s not a replacement, even the editor adds them both but Wikidata adds more value to the linkage rather than one or two Wikipedia articles.

We should invest more in good Wikidata linking, Wikipedia is a derivative of that, the other way around is not as good.

I’ve uploaded this edit in changeset 150053799. Eventually, there were only 11 elements out of the 58 candidates that also complied with the language requirements.

This browser plugin that I wrote may be helpful in de-mystifying but also quality-checking wikidata vs wikipedia tags on features. Every wikipedia page has an associated wikidata entry (but not necessarily vice-versa).

It is not for me to say what you folks do in Israel, but I have opposed edits to proliferate wikipedia tags in the United States as they tend to make data worse. There are some longer discussions on this in the United States forum.

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