Bulgaria - Mapping Missing Buildings

Hello Bulgaria OpenStreetMap community,

I would like to share a new project focusing on mapping missing buildings in Plovdiv. We’ve identified several areas in Plovdiv lacking building data, and your mapping skills are crucial to closing these gaps. Join us to make a real difference by contributing to:

  • OpenStreetMap’s accuracy and completeness: Your contributions directly impact the map’s usefulness for organizations, universities, and individuals globally.
  • Plovdiv’s digital representation: Enhance the city’s digital presence by accurately reflecting its built environment.
  • Your own mapping skill set: Gain valuable experience while collaborating with fellow mappers in the community.

Get involved:

  1. Explore the challenge: Visit the project page here:OSMUS Tasking Manager
  2. Choose your tasks: Select specific missing buildings to map, whether residential, commercial, or other structures.
  3. Start mapping: Use the user-friendly Tasking Manager platform to locate and add buildings based on your reliable sources and knowledge.

If you like this project and see similar value in other Bulgarian regions, let us know, we’re open to expanding based on community interest.
Need help?

Happy mapping!

@sbaido I see that you picked a very interesting part of Plovdiv that has its own Wikipedia article Stolipinovo - Wikipedia From this you’ll understand why it’s not mapped as well as other parts of Plovdiv… In general, many population centres in Bulgaria lack mapping of buildings. In fact even the cadastral data for many smaller centres are not yet digitalised.

@Dimitar155 remember that a few months ago I suggested that we contact the Bulgarian cadastre to propose a cooperation on importing the coordinates of buildings in their database into OSM? You suggested to wait until they completed an update they were implementing. I heard that they finished this job (I know someone in the company that did it for them) so maybe now is the right time to contact them? They do have Stolipinovo mapped, though most buildings are of the “Друг вид сграда за обитаване” type…

Thank you for the quick response @rhhs. Is there any recommendation then, shall I keep it on to stimulate the sourcing of data from your side? any suggestions?

@rhhs, I’m a step ahead :slight_smile:. I’ve sent them an email yesterday. Ideally they should release the addresses as well but we will see what will happen. Personally I prefer to have buildings and addresses in a single potential import rather than separating them.

@sbaido Thanks for making this challenge but personally I don’t feel confident in adding so many buildings, which are so close to each other, having in mind that even the roads are not visible. If we add them, it would be pretty hard to untangle the roads if needed in the future.


Thank you @Dimitar155 : shall I keep the challenge open?

It doesn’t hurt to keep it open. We might use it as a test area for import of building data from the cadastre, but that won’t be soon.


very much agree!

@rhhs @Dimitar155 : Hope you are doing well. Are you guys planning to come to State of The Map in Lodz Poland this coming June? plus is there anything we can support you in projects?

No plans yet, but they could be made…

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Since we have an office in Lodz, if you’re planning to visit, I’d be delighted to host you at our offices for discussions on collaboration opportunities and to guide you through our operations.

It seems like it’s in July (18-21 according to https://stateofthemap.eu/)? I don’t think that i would be able to go.

Do you have any turn relations analyser? Specifically ones that check for duplicated and/or invalid relations? By duplicated I mean not only relations with the same members, but also ones which are duplicated partially (for example one for no right turns with 2 segments and a node and one for no right turns with the same 2 segments and node and an extra start/end segment.