Bulgaria - Add Highways

Hello OSM Bulgaria,

This is Salim Baidoun again, I wanted to inform you that added a new “Bulgaria - Add Highways” MapRoulette challenge with 23 tasks, and most likely we will refill with more tasks if you found an added value to improve the map.

Our team conducted a spatial comparison between TomTom’s in-house road centerlines and the OSM road network. Through this analysis, we have identified locations where ways are missing. The objective of this challenge is to identify and add any necessary missing ways. We trust that mappers will utilize the most appropriate imagery and their local knowledge to investigate each situation and add the missing ways if they confirm their existence.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to me directly or reply to this post/email. You can also leave your comments on the Bulgaria GitHub or MapRoulette challenge page.Thank you for your continuous support.

Best regards,
Salim, TomTom

Hi Salim, is it possible that some of Tom-Tom’s “road centerlines” are actually railways or ski slopes? Could be that people are driving on cross-country ski tracks, and there’s a railway reconstruction going on where the old track courses may have been repurposed as roads…

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Good morning Richard @rhhs ,

It can be the case, and if you encounter them and is probably knows or suspicious, please give it a skip, too hard or not an issue depending on your local knowledge; meanwhile, I will take this note internally and double check.

Good morning Bulgaria OSM community,

We begin this morning by sharing that our team has just completed another round of spatial analysis. As a result, we’ve identified certain roads that appear to be missing. These roads have now been included as new tasks in the ongoing challenge, and we kindly request your valuable time and review of these additions.

Bulgaria - Add Highways

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