hello guys, my name is John (Gianni), and probably the first who began to map Chiang Mai at the end of 2007. My question: on the streets on the outskirts of Chiang Mai there are a myriad of buildings and restaurants, small shops, many of them built of straw and tin. How should they appear on the map? Thank you for your attention and greetings to all

Hi Gianni,

welcome to the Thailand forum. I recognized your mapping in Chiang Mai already. Since one year I’m mapping in Khon Kaen.

Small shops, restaurants and similar buildings I mapped as nodes with Key:shop and Key:amenity. I prefer to map permanent and significant shops, restaurants only, i.e. 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, restaurants offering more, etc. It does not matter if they are build of straw and tin. This is typical in hot countries but they should be in good shape. E.g. some small shops and restaurants around Fairy Plaza.

Big shops like BigC, Lotus, Fairy Plaza and centralplaza I’ve mapped as area with nodes showing some facilities.

Happy mapping

Hi Gianni,

If you feel these restaurants are relevant enough to appear on a map then they should do.
If you feel that the information will be outdated the day after you mapped them then maybe it’s better not to map them. In theory it is like a wiki. If it’s outdated it will be fixed by somebody.
But the density of mappers in Thailand is very low. So information you enter into the map will likely stay there for a long time even when outdated.

Some people map vending machines for dog excrement bags (vending=excrement_bags). Compared to a simple shop I consider the shop a lot more relevant.

Enjoy OSM,