Buildings sharing residential and retail

I’m new to OSM. I’ve made a few edits but I can’t see an obvious way of showing buildings with more than one function, eg, blocks of apartments with a row of shops on the ground floor. How is this done? Thanks!

If the lower retail levels have a different outline than the residential towers you could use building=retain for the main outline, then add additional ways inside just covering the towers with building:part=residential.


However if the lower retail level covers the same outline as the residential tower then I’m not sure what’s best if you should also do this but just have the ways overlapping, or some other way of using tags to specify per floor use.

Thank you, at least it’s a direction to explore!

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

In our 2D map world I’d tag this as a building=apartments ( as this is the main function. You can add shops as nodes inside the building.

ooh, ty, I’ll explore that too!

With this OSM, the proposed approach can distinguish industrial buildings and accessory buildings for storage with high accuracies