buildings do not show on my Garmin nuvi255 after installing OSM maps.

Hi, I’m new to this site, last week I dowloaded some maps for my Garmin Nuvi 255, but I don"t see the houses and other buildings, just roads, land (green area’s) and open spaces where buildings are. Is this normal? or is something wrong?

To help you, tell us from where you have downloaded the map file exactly, and what area did you choose?

Maybe you even ask in the special Garmin map subforum here.

Good afternoon Stephan, I downloaded the osm_generic_gmapsupp file from “”, the area was all of the Netherlands; Belgium; luxembourg; and France. after unzipping I put on an SD card, works fine exept for the contours of buildings.

I have never had contours of buildings in any of the Garmin-compatible OSM maps that I have used both in my GPSr (GPSMap 60 CSX) and on my computer (MapSource).

If you use the Mapnik typ file, you can see the buildings. Without the typ file buildings are almost invisible but they are there.
Also with the new style, the buildings are rendered better. See also the screen shots in this topic:

Ok, thnx for the reactions, will have a look in my old maps to see if my brain filled in the buildings, will also check the manual on the use of the Mapnik typ file. when I loose my way I’ll be back. Hasta la vista