Building that is a POI


I’m relatively new but greatly motivated.
I already encountered more than once the following situation:

  • I add a POI (single node) to mark some kind of shop or the like, that actually is a building by itself but I can’t draw the building yet for whatever reason
  • later someone else draws the building around the POI, and adds all the tags to the building too (shop= etc…)

Should we leave things like this ?
To me it is kind of duplicated information. I read a bit about the “contains” relation between a way and a POI, but this sounds to me more like marking a precise part of the building only, like an entrance.
I would gladly simply remove the POI, but I fear it could not be rendered and/or search-able as easily with the information just attached to a building.

Sorry for asking this, it must be a very common issue, but I couldn’t find answers by myself.

Thanks !

You’re right, that is duplicated information. If the building and building POI tags are added later, the POI node should be removed. In some cases, renderers will display the names twice using both objects.

I have seen a reverse case where having a building with POI tags results in someone adding the POI again as a node because it takes an extra step to see if the building is already tagged.

A building with POI tags should be as easily searched as a node. There will be variation in rendering - I find myself preferring building POI tags in some limited cases because less common POI nodes don’t render, whereas normally name= on a building does render today.

Thanks for the answer. I also just noticed that some buildings having all those tags but not an additional POI node are rendered correctly (ex: with a small icon for a place of worship). It’s just OSM that doesn’t show an icon, but that’s understandable.

So I’ll remove my duplicate POIs. The other person probably did not remove it just out of politeness.
Thanks !