Building outlines missing in F4-group map

The map does not render the outline of 3D buildings. Do you have any ideas why?

An example: House of the Bürgerschaft at Bremen

Thanks for this nice 3D Map by the way.


this outline is tag “building:parts=vertical” which means it must be fully covered by its parts but it is not the case in our link.

You’re welcome :wink:

Sorry, you were right about this building that the outline did not cover all of the parts. I fixed it and also with an extra multipolygon, which implies that it is no longer a working example for the problem.

But here is a working one:
There is one building-part tagged as usual and the building-way tagged with building:part=yes and building:parts=vertical, but the map still does not render the building-way.

But this does not work also in the OSM2World viewer. Here another two examples for the OSM2World viewer (the first is working and the second not):

    This example has for every building:part its own multipolygon relation. The outline has also its own multipolygon relation.
    This does not render the lower building:part. This is example is similar to that one which does not work in F4-group map.

Does this imply the intention of the renderer writers like you or Tobias Knerr for example, that outlines should not be used as building:part? I would really support this, because it make the tagging more clear. It makes it possible to the mapper to indicate the building height of the complete building on its outline for example and excludes min_height-Tags, which are obviously not property of the building itself in the most cases.

This is working as expected: (check out our wiki page about building outlines)

  • building:part not fully included in a building are ignored.

  • building:part inherits every building* tags from their parent building if they’re not overrided on the part (color, roof shape, height etc).

  • height is generated semi-randomly from way_id if neither specified with height tag nor with building:levels tag (we use 3m/levels).

  • building:part polygons are removed from the outline polygon they intersects unless the outline is tag with building:part=yes.

  • outline with building:part=no or building:parts=vertical/horizontal are ignored.

If you want the building outline to be fully used you can add building:part=true to its polygon/multi-polygon (i think this is a F4Map specific behavior).