Building Numbers On Maps

I noticed that house numbers show up on OpenStreetMaps when I view them on-line.

They are not present when I look at the maps on my Garmin Zumo XT device.

Is there a way to display them on my Garmin?

Not sure which map you use, but the Garmin/zūmo series are also supported by mkgmap

See also:

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Thank you for the reply, emvee.

Will the mkgmaps show the house/buildings numbers on those maps?

One of two things may be happening:

  • They are showing a custom map that doesn’t have the building numbers.
  • The map is zoomed out, such that building numbers aren’t visible anyway.

Yes, it will.

Reading more on the link I provided I also found a link to a Dutch topic on this forum:

From that I get there are downsides, too much details can clog up you map and the alternative provided is using OsmAnd.