Building JOSM ant file in eclipse IDE

Running the ant build file in Eclipse, the last output I get on the console before the application is launched is to open EDT checker to check the changing changeset and at the end when the application gets terminated we see a change in the changeset. Except these and some commands for HTTPs connections (mapdownload), I don’t get any logs as I am playing around with the application. Changing a preset here, adding a node there, I want logs or stacktrace atleast while I am running it.

Proposed solutions :-
I found on the net to enable stacktrace but that was only in the debugg mode and not while I running and playing with the data in the josm.
Secondly I tried to make the output verbose by adding the following arguments in the external tools configurations.

Can anyone suggest a better way to see each logas we move from file to file and class to class. Or is that not even possible in the ant build?