Building completely stand-alone OSM server


I just recently built a new instance of OSM using the instructions provided on the switch2osm web site.

The instance is built on Xubuntu 14.04 and works fine, as far as it goes.

I have successfully imported dbf data for Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona.

Here is where I need help. While testing I have discovered that the slippymap.html code provided won’t work unless the server can see the internet. This runs entirely counter to what I am after, namely, running an OSM server without any internet connection whatsoever. The purpose for this instance is providing disaster recover services to our served agencies. I tend to use slippymap.html as a place to start.

The other thing I would like to see is a concise, complete set of directions on rendering tiles to a local directory.

I cannot tell you how many hours have been wasted trying to find such information. All I find are very general instructions or instructions that are vague not to mention directions that are wrong or just don’t work.

I simply want step 1, step 2, etc. Right now I haven’t the time to go on a voyage of discovery.

Thanks for any potential help.



Hi, I haven’t attempted to build a tile server for many years, but I looked at the source code for slippymap.html on Github at .

I see that slippymap.html does have external references, but those should be fairly easy to resolve to create a standalone server with no external Internet. For example, download and to your server and change the references in slippymap.html to point to your server.

If you want help fast, the best bet is always to ask on IRC - see . Though probably best not to jump to conclusions that others’ instructions are at fault.

If you “haven’t the time to go on a voyage of discovery” you always have the option of paying someone to do it for you. See and .