Building application map for mobile devices


I am thinking of making an app for iphone and android smartphones that would allow the user to navigate around a specific area I have in mind. It would involve loading a specific section of the open street maps, getting coordinates (based on the phones mobile network and wifi networks) and overlaying a location (displayed as a blue dot like google maps, for instance) on the map. We would also want to generate paths to allow the user to navigate from place to place.

I want to use OpenStreetMap as opposed to google maps due to the amazing detail of these maps.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to start with a project like this and what would be required?



Welcome onboard Jack :slight_smile:

First you should checkout the map itself. Is the quality good enough for your desired area?
Then you should have a look on the data itself and how to filter them

Next you should have a look on what modules are already there and can be reused

Last but not least you should think about why you want to start a new App, there are already dozents
So what would be unique features, that make it wise to start from scratch, but not to help developing on a existing one?