Building and running libosmscout under windows


I´m trying to get libosmscout to run under windows, but I’m missing the experience and some programming knowledge to do so.
So I am searching for instructions/ tutorials on how to run the libosmscout library and especially libosmscout for Qt under Windows 10 in Visual Studio 2015/ Qt Creater.

Are the prebuild versions you can find on AppVeyor a possibility for me and what do I have to pay attention to?
Does someone know an instruction on this topic?
There is an older instruction I found, but I dont really get it … (

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Have you read the information at … scroll down there!

They even have an own mailinglist?!


first of all, thank you for your answer.

The OSMWiki page refers to Link that i provided in my post.
The GitHub and libosmscout documentation refer to that appveyor build that i mentioned earlier.

I didn’t use the mailing list because I didn’t want to disturb all the people in there with my newbie questions and that this list is thought to help the developers communicate with each other. Because “Questions and Answers” says “New to OpenStreetMap or just having questions? Post them here.” i used this plattform first.

So yes, i have read and tried to understand it.

The problem is that i don’t understand some key parts about

  • if i need to build/ compile it myself or can use this prebuilt appveyor version.
  • what i need to do to include/ link and use the library correctly.

Sorry if my post was misleading but i am kind of desperate because i can’t find or seem to oversee every basic introduction/ turorial …

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This forum is relatively unread by a couple of groups of people - (a) people with English as a first language and (b) developers. Most (a) discussion tends to take place on mailing lists and elsewhere (for purely historical reasons - I’m not saying that forums are better or worse than lists, just saying that’s where people are). Most (b) discussion tends to be on github, or wherever else software is collaboratively developed.

Your question involves a third thing for which there’s pretty poor coverage in OSM - Windows development! If you don’t get an answer at the libosmscout mailing list you might want to try the usual development resources for Qt on Windows - stackoverflow etc.

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Andy (who has dabbled in Qt, though not on Windows).

Hey Someone,

thanks for the response and the information you gave me there. I didn’t know this …
What do you mean by

That libosmscout is quite poorly used on windows?

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“SomeoneElse speaking to Noone” → Nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

No, that most developers in and around the OSM area are more Linux- (and to a lesser extent Mac-) focused than Windows. It’s not a “right or wrong” thing - Windows now is a very different thing to what it was even 5 years ago, it’s just where people’s focus has been.

Hey Someone,

the mailing list was the better way i guess.
Really fast response.

Thank you!