Bug that results in ''Conflict with another user'' But it's but the other user is me

This happen after Chrome crashed, the most recent edits were gone, so redid those, and tried to save but got this error.
I’ve had the Conflict issue in Firefox too. but not the crashes, Chrome crashes a lot.
I’ve been using Chrome recently due to using ID Strava overlay addon.
I’ve updated to the lystest chrome version and still happens.
I got through and click ‘‘behold min’’ ( Keep mine)but it won’t accept it. So I tried the other one below and same happens.

For some reason some trails were duplicated, exact same edit twice on top of another.
As you can see when I move one point out, I move one of the dublicates.

The same happen with areas.
So I will have to go over everything and delete the duplicate manually

and got empty points:

Once I deleted all duplicates it accepted. but uplaod was stuck, I refreshed tried again, had many points I had to delete again.
then I’m stuck in this :

I refreshed again. this time it I deleted few areas only, then I clicked on upload then Keep others
So now the edits are up.

You don’t state when Chrome crashed, but if it was during the upload it is possible that the upload was successful you just didn’t get the confirmation. When in doubt I would check the data on the website before redoing any edits.

In any case I would suggest opening an issue on the iD issue tracker as there is not really anything we can do here: GitHub - openstreetmap/iD: 🆔 The easy-to-use OpenStreetMap editor in JavaScript.