broken routing?

hello, i was wondering if anyone might know what could be causing this broken routing to occur? area is as can be seen… both of these suggest the user takes an oddly scenic route to get there. any idea what could be causing this?



Hi. I cannot see the images you posted…

Use to upload an image and then paste a link here.

thank you for the suggestion

they should work now, although the quality is reduced

Someone has mapped bogus footways over a pedestrian area, but they have not covered all the centre lines and they have failed to join the bogus footpath to the areas at every point where the footpath crosses over an area boundary.

I’m not sure of the current situation for routers, but, at one time they didn’t understand pedestrian areas, so people broke the don’t tag for the renderer rule by adding bogus footways on nominal routes over the areas.

It looks to me as though the router in question still can’t cope with areas, and has routed as though it didn’t have the area=yes tag, and thus only routed around the edges. Please consider the latter a bug in the router and don’t add further bogus footways to tag for the renderer.

oh okay, this area didn’t actually have a pedestrian area polygon, but i took inspiration from the city centre which basically does the exact thing you said not to do, everywhere. i’ll make sure to file a bug to osmand, but what about the router in openstreetmap? where would that bug go? i don’t think i can safely remove those paths without backlash until at least the official site and an android solution have solid routing through pedestrian areas

The web site uses several different routers, none maintained by OSM itself.