Broken relations to be fixed

Why this relation is not shown in the map?

The map is the database, so it is on the map.

It is also included in both the cycle and transport renderings.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong, although one would need to check that the main outer is closed and doesn’t partially overlap anything else.

One of the inner rings was crossing the outer boundary, so I moved it inside a bit and it worked, see it there:

However for rerendering of z0-z12 you need to wait few days more until it will be done, due to the new OSM Carto style version being released and deployed (most probably during this weekend).

I had no proper shape background in the JOSM and I don’t know where to take it from, so please check if all the inner and outer lines are OK.

Can someone also fix relation

For anyone reading this: I am currently working on this fix.

This reservoir lake relation in China is now fixed and valid in JOSM. There was a host of issues:

  • Duplicated nodes
  • Self intersection of inners
  • Incorrect inner and outer roles set
  • Missing roles for relation members
  • Objects (islands) that were outside the boundary of the enclosing outer ring set as inners of the MP, I have dropped these from the relation.

As to the last fix, it is necessary to include these inners in another MP relation that represents another part of the same reservoir lake and thus shares a boundary with the relation 162908 that is now fixed.

This is a next step on the TODO list to make the whole of the reservoir properly visible. First dinner though…

It renders OK up to z11 (z13+ is good too) and over night it should also appear on z12, because the style is currently updated on OSMF servers.

I have now also fixed the second MP that forms a separate part of the reservoir (or a reservoir of its own, IDK). 78 inner “islets” should now become visible.