broken boundary

The boundary of India is broken.

here two nodes are not connected:
here are some strange outer Polygons within outer Polygons:

Could someone with a more specific knowledge oft the Indian boundary fix those errors?

The first one (Punjab border) seems to have been fixed.

The second (Bengal border) is probably a mapping of some of the crossborder enclaves that India and Bangladesh hold in each other’s territories. An account of these is given at, and there are enclaves within enclaves. Naming of at least the larger ones of these would be useful.

The enclaves are history now, and could be removed. However it may be useful to retain them for historical purposes. I propose therefore to remove the boundary tag from all of them, and instead mark them with a note saying ‘historic boundary of former Indo-Bangladesh enclaves’.

Some (many) of them were marked non-national boundaries back in June, incorrectly for that time I believe.